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  "Thank you for the best and easiest birthday party I have ever held…." Mary

A Sports Action Party is for 6-12 year old children who love throwing, kicking or hitting balls.

Not surprisingly boys tend to go nuts over this party!

Activities like Poison Ball, Dodge Ball, Smash Ball, Bounce Ball and Bombs Away are nirvana to boys

Our speed gun used for running, throwing and kicking speeds always brings out their competitive streak

Expect Monsterball "madness" from the children when they see our 100cm SOCCER BALL.  

9-12yo's can even have a soccer match with this Monsterball if they obey safety rules

These parties are very popular and are regularly booked out. To see if we can help you check our availability here. We also offer after school parties which are 10% cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

A great value, easy and entertaining party option....Paul

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It's the talk of the school today....Leigh

All activities are age appropriate. The older they are the more challenging the activities. 

While 6 year old activities are easy to do the 7-8 year olds will find them a bit more challenging

9-12 year olds want us to bring it on and we never disappoint. Definitely no "kiddie" games for them!

Don't worry whether all the kids are sporty or not. If they're into fun they'll love this party.

If your child is into a certain sport let us know and we'll try to do activities for that sport

They were entertained from start to finish.Some were reluctant to leave....Kate

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This party is GUARANTEED FUN. If it is a dud...their party is FREE

We come and run the activities which means you can relax and enjoy the party.

Sports parties are best held in a park or sports field as the children will want to throw, kick and hit balls as far as possible. Unless you are on acreage we find a backyard is never big enough.

To find out more, including the cost, click on the appropriate age in the blue box below

6 year olds

7 year olds

8 year olds

9 year olds

10 year olds

11 year olds

12 year olds

All the kids raved about it at home afterward....Jody


 They talked abouth the games all night....Allison

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 All the kids had a fantastic time. And the parents watching!....Naomi