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Soccer Action Fun for 6-12 year olds

Need some soccer fun for a party? Our Soccer Action Party will do the trick

All activities are age appropriate. Big kids will definitely be suitably challenged

This party is GUARANTEED FUN. If we are a dud....their party is FREE

These parties are very popular and are regularly booked out; especially at the end of the soccer season. To see if we can help you check our availability here. We also offer after school parties which are 10% cheaper

Activities include:

MONSTERBALL MADNESS - When this 100cm giant soccer ball appears there will be a period of madness from the kids. After they settle we warm up the ball by bouncing it off them; squashing them and of course have them kick it. Then they play a game or two of Poison Ball. At the end of the party we'll get them together with the giant ball for some group photos

Coming soon-for an extra fee we'll send the kids crazier with a 180cm Monsterball

MONSTERBALL MATCH DAY - If the children have a basic understanding of game rules they can play a brief modified match with a bigger ball but ONLY if they agree to our safety rules. We often find they prefer to play a half with the bigger ball then the other half with a normal ball

SOCCER BALL ACTION - Everyone gets a normal size ball for various activities including target shots, kick n chase races, distance kicks, hang time and other fun stuff

SPEED FREAK FUN - Using a sports speed gun they will find out how fast they can kick that ball plus sprint

WACKY SPORTS ACTION - If time they'll also have fun with pocket rockets, dodgeball and slogging 

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How much is it? We offer 40, 70 or 90 minute parties. The cost and details about each are on the top of our FAQ page. Please click here for that page which will also answer almost every other question you have

While we run the activities you can sit back and watch them unwind with sports fun galore.

All you need do is top them up occasionally with drinks and nibbles

The more space the kids have the better. A large park or sports field are the best locations

For advice on an indoor venue see "Plan B" on our FAQ page (near the very bottom)

Ready to book your Crazy Soccer Party?

Please call John on 0418 151 874

or complete an enquiry form and he'll get back to you quicksmart

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