We'll try and make this guarantee as simple as possible.

If the majority of the kids at the party did not enjoy themselves the party is FREE

Why not all the kids you ask? No one can ever please every kid. Some have attention issues and sometimes we have "little Johnny" who will not be happy because he was given time out for bad behaviour.

The guarantee will not apply if you make it difficult for us to maintain their attention with "distractions".

Prime park distraction examples are expecting the activities to be run near playground equipment or having an amusement operating at the same time e.g a jumping castle.

Prime yard/acreage examples are the swing sets, slides, cubbies, mini motor bikes and especially trampolines

For indoor venues the "distraction" can be a location that is far too small. When choosing a venue let us know the number of kids expected; the venue size and we will let you know if it is suitable

Another distraction believe it or not is if they have sugar filled soft drinks before or during the activities. Our parties are active so the sugar kick will initially make some kids hypo and then they will run out of energy. Play it safe and keep them to water till our activities are done