To send kids crazier we have created the first ever Monster Ball Party.

We'd love to explain the activities the children will enjoy but it would take too long. We can confirm every activity has been well and truly tested by over 1000 children plus some adults too!. Only activities that got big ticks of approval and lots of laughs from the kids have been included.

We are aready confident enough to GUARANTEE this party. If it is a dud the party is FREE

Please note this party is only suitable for ages 8-12 and is for an absolute maximum of 18 children.

It's also a dry weather activity as the balls are fabric covered and aren't fun or safe to play with if wet. We can certainly still keep the kids very busy with awesome sports games instead. You'll also pay $50 less

This Monster Ball party will have 9 x 65cm balls; 1 x 100cm ball; 1 x 125cm footy and a 180cm ball.

There are two party options:

1. 70 minute Monster Ball Party -    $295  (includes a 10 minute half time break)

2. 90 minute Monster Ball Party -    $355  (includes a 10 minute half time break)

Activities must be held on a level surface; not on sloping land. We want the kids playing with the balls not forever retrieving them. You can find more valuable information on our FAQ page here

If you're interested in having a Monster Ball party please call me on 0418 151 874 or submit an enquiry form.

Our various parties are very popular and are regularly booked out. To see if we can help you check our availability here. We also offer after school parties and are 10% cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

You can see images of our Monster Ball range below. We could never bring all of them to a party as it would require a semi-trailer truck. We currently have 48 Monster Balls ready to party.

More party formats will be developed in time. We will also be looking at hiring out individual balls for party or promotional purposes. The larger balls will eventually become an optional add-on to our existing parties

Cheers, John

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100soccerb25b  150soccerb20  65soccerb25b   

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