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I've never seen children so besotted by traditional active games....Faye

A Crazy Games Party is a fun mix of non competive traditional games and wacky activities.

If you would like us to include some low key sporty games just ask.

This party is for 5-12 year olds who enjoy being active; like to have fun and most importantly love to laugh

The activities are perfect for a girls "n" boys mixed party and especially a class party

Not only do we keep them happy with age appropriate games but also entertained

Though the images on this page feature many little kids be assured acitivites for 7-12yo's are always age appropriate with NO "kiddie" games e.g. Poison Ball with big balls and Dodge Ball

We keep them entertained with many different activities and have them wondering what's next.

One moment it may be egg n spoon races; the next a big ball is being bounced off their belly!

Games for little kids are very "easy to do" while big kids will be suitably challenged

Though there are lots of little kids images on this page the activities for ages 8-12 are age appropriate. No kiddie type games for them! We've even run this party for 15 year old girls and they loved it.

This party is GUARANTEED FUN. If our games are a dud with the kids their party is FREE

These parties are very popular and are regularly booked out. To see if we can help you check our availability here. We also offer after school parties which are 10% cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

How much is it? We offer 40, 70 or 90 minute parties. The cost and details about each are on the top of our FAQ page. Please click here for that page which will answer almost every other question you have.

It was the talk of the class. Two weeks later it's still a hot topic....Ann

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"When I asked what was your favourite part, the kids yelled - "All of it"...Susan

The children will play many of the following activities. The longer the party the more they get to play: 

  • Monsterball fun - Our 100cm giant ball will send the kids crazy. We warm it up with some belly bouncing then catching. This is followed by a game or two of Poison Ball. Coming soon - for an extra fee we will send the kids even crazier with either a 150cm, 180cm or 240cm Monsterball
  • Jumping sacks - Includes a silly noisy race with a twist the children would never have tried before
  • 3 legged race - Again a race that is completely different...and crazy
  • Egg n spoon races - Not just one race but many. Each more wacky or trickier than the one before
  • Parachute fun - A noisy guessing game which creates lots of laughter
  • Mini vortex games - Silly antics where children will be sceeching with excitement and ducking for cover
  • Mini rainbow chooks - You'll be amazed at what children can do with lots of liitle rubber chickens
  • Rocket launcher action - suits parties with 12 or less kids otherwise they get restless waiting for a turn
  • Crazy Chook finale - For a crazy finish they will do chook chuckin', zombie chooks and party photo
  • and more games as we create them
    One Mum said it was the best kids party they had ever been to!...Lorraine

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"It was the best to see 16 little girls laughing and having so much fun"...Marina

We come to you and run the games while all you need do is keep them refreshed ocassionally.

Apart from that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party with your family and friends

The more space the children have to enjoy our games the more fun it is; especially if there are boys

That is why 95% of our parties are held in local parks and are always the best parties

Yard parties are possible for 5yo's and most all-girl parties.

The minimum yard space needed for approx 20 children is 10m wide and 15m long.

If the party is for 5-7yo's they should not have access to outdoor play equipment during the games

For advice on a suitable indoor venue see "Plan B" on our FAQ page (at the bottom)

     Ready to book your Crazy Games Party?

Please call John on 0418 151 874

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