How much is it?

97% of parties have less than 18 guests.

10% OFF below prices for Tues, Wed or Thurs after school bookings (Brisbane only)

$195 - 40 minute party - for first 18 children

  • $10 for each additional child
  • optional 5 minute half time drinks break
  • perfect for 5yo's; ok for 6yo's; too short for over 6yo's

$245 - 70 minute party - for first 18 children

  • $10 for each additional child
  • best value if inviting the Class
  • 2 x 30 minute activity sessions
  • 10 minute half time break
  • suits ages 6-12; too long for 5yo's

$295 - 90 minute party- for first 18 children

  • $10 for each additional child
  • 2 x 40 minute activity sessions
  • 10 minute half time break
  • suits ages 8-12

Important information about party numbers:

97% of parties have less than 18 guests; especially those for 8-12 year olds

If you’re inviting more than 18 (e.g. the class) that’s fine. Just tell us how many when you make your enquiry or booking.You can let us know your final numbers closer to the party date

You only pay for participants; not how many guests you have. We find some children; particularly 5 & 6yo's; will do their own thing and not join in our activities. We do a couple of head counts during activities to get a more accurate number. So even though you invite the class of 25+ children the actual number of participants may well be around 18.

So activities can run smoothly the maximum number of participants we can manage is 32 children.

Only one party host will run the activities. If there are over 20 participants the host may need help from an adult or teen in distributing and collecting equipment. This ensures every moment is spent making sure the kids have fun; not them watching the host doing “housework”.

How do I make a booking?

Call John on 0418 151 874 or click here to complete an enquiry form.

No deposit is required. Payment is cash on the day or by direct deposit beforehand.

If you haven't chosen a party location yet that's fine. You can still book your party now and advise the location later

What time can you start the activities?

Firstly, have the start time on your invitation 30 minutes before we begin activities so no one misses out on the start of our fun. If you have both set at the same time you will find only a handful of guests will be there when we begin

We can start the activities at 10am or earlier OR at 3pm or later. If you want to avoid the summer heat we are happy to start as early as 9am or as late as 4pm. 

We also accept 12-30pm bookings. This is also the activity start time so you need a 12 noon invitation start time. “Midday” parties are very popular during the cooler months

Where can you run the activities?

Activities can be run in your yard, your local park or a suitable indoor venue

Parks are the best location as the more space the kids have the more fun it is

Any party with boys over 5 should be held at a park or sports field as they really need lots of space

Backyard parties are fine for any age girls parties and 5yo boys parties. If you let us know how much space you have (width and depth) we will tell you if it is big enough. Yard parties will not work with 5-7 year olds if they have access to play equipment; especially a trampoline aka “party wreckers”

Some indoor options are school, sports, scout, church, community or PCYC halls.

When choosing a park what should I look for?

A flat open area for activities, a bit of shade, table and definitely toilets if the party has girls. If the party is for 5-7yo’s do not set up near a playground as it will be a huge distraction.

How far will you travel?

Brisbane boundaries: We will travel west as far as the Ipswich area, north to Burpengary, south west to Jimboomba, all bayside areas Redcliffe to Redland Bay and south to Ormeau

Gold CoastSorry but we are so busy in Brisbane we do not have time to travel to the Coast on weekends. We can only help with a mid-week after school party. The minimum cost is $295 for either a 40 minute or 70 minute party. We also only travel as far as Robina

Do you do after school or week day parties?

Yes. They are also 10% cheaper after school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

We are very flexible with the start time and will work in with your plans.

Do you supply invitations?

Yes. For your free party invitations click on the chicken in the green box to your right. You will find a selection of pdf’s from which you can print 2 invites per A4 page

Do the children need to wear special clothing?

Yes. Hats for sun protection and shoes suitable for running

Do you stop for food and drinks?

The 45 minute party has an optional 5 minute drinks break.You need to let us know beforehand if you want this break. It is only for drinks; not food; otherwise it is hard to get the kids back into the games

The 70 and 90 minute parties have a 10 minute "half time" break for drinks, nibbles and a breather.

The 100 minute party has a 5 minute break every 30 minutes.

Do not serve any hot food or “do” the birthday cake until after we finish the activities.


The children will be very active so common sense is needed.

It is important they have water readily available before & during activities; especially in warmer weather.

Keep any fizzy sugar filled soft drinks till afterwards. If they consume soft drinks before/during activities they will struggle and soon "hit the wall". Some will also go hypo before that from the sugar kick!

What if it's raining or likely to?

From experience there will be a 3% chance it will be wet. Which gives us a 97% chance of staying dry

I check the forecast 3-4 days before on the BOM website. If the forecast actually states “rain” I will contact you to see if you want to postpone, cancel or try to find a suitable indoor location (see "Plan B" below)

If you cancel there is no penalty fee. A final decision can be left till a few hours before the party if need be.

If the forecast states “possible shower”, “few showers”, “showers” it is usually not a problem. The forecast is for the whole of the Greater Brisbane Area” and the shower could be in one suburb for one minute, somewhere!!

Only the BOM website is accurate. See below for the link. Ignore commercial radio forecasts as they are hopelessly inaccurate. They consistently forecast “a wet weekend ahead” when the truth is there may be a possible shower somewhere!

"Plan B" - Activities can be run indoors at the following venue types: school hall or undercover area; indoor cricket centre; sports centre; PCYC; YMCA; community hall; church hall; scout hall or girl guides hall.

The bigger the kids or larger the group the more space is needed. A dozen or so 6yo's in a scout hall would work but obviously not with 10yo's or say 20+ x 6yo's. For that age or number a basketball size court area is more suitable

Do you have a Blue Card / Liability insurance?


Do you supply food / prizes?