Such a memorable and silly day...we loved every moment of it....Victoria

A Crazy Chook Party is a hilariously funny party for kids who love silliness and laughing

It is full of non competitive activities and is all about the children having easy to do fun.

It is fun for ages 5-12 with lots of little rainbow chooks;googie eggs plus a GIANT egg

The activities (listed below) are ideal for girls parties and for 5-6 year old mixed parties

Not only will we keep them happy with age appropriate games but also highly entertained.

This party is GUARANTEED FUN. If our games are a dud....their party is FREE

We recommend a "short n sweet" 45 minute party for 5yo's due to their short attention span

Our parties are very popular and are regularly booked out. To see if we can help you check our availability here. We also offer after school parties which are 10% cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

How much is it? We offer 40 or 70 minute parties. The cost and details about each party are on the top of our FAQ page. Please click here for that page which will also answer almost every other question you have.

We've never seen 9 and 10 year old girls laugh so hard and so much....Carolyn


Never been to a party where the kids looked this happy before....Cindy


The children will enjoy many of the following activities. The longer the party the more they get to play:

  • Egg Games - having being hatched by our rubber chooks the children will need to mother their rubber egss gently. However expect the opposite when they use the eggs for some not so gentle games
  • Egg n Spoon Games - Not just one race but many with each being more crazy or trickier. The birthday child will then help us with their special magic egg n spoon to change the eggs into rainbow chooks
  • 100+ Rainbow Chooks - these colourful chooks are the "core" of the party activities. You'll be amazed by how many different activities the children will do with so many chickens
  • Eggercise Chooks - some silly exercises to ensure the chooks and children are prepared for whats ahead
  • Chook Races - a series of funny races where the children get to express themselves.... loudly
  • Bouncy Chooks - a noisy guessing game with the assistance of a rainbow parachute
  • Raining Chooks - the children help create chicken rainbows that get bigger and bigger but refuse to stay in the sky. This will cause screaming mayhem when the chooks keep raining down on their heads
  • Chook Hunting - a jumping sack will never be the same again after this silly game
  • Chicken Bed - The birthday child will have a quick nap in a feather bed but with the chooks still attached - great photo opportunity
  • Eggs with Wings - more suited for big kids who will be screeching with excitement and ducking for cover
  • Pugly Chook - the most "beautiful" chicken in the world who attracts lots of attention from the papparazzi
  • Exploding Chook - Rocket launcher action. Only suitable for small parties with 12 or les children
  • 1 GIANT Egg - children experience an egg roll with a difference plus try to catch it then have it bounced off them
  • Finale fun - we finish with a chicken style version of Happy Birthday, group photos and zombie chooks
  • and any new games as we create them
    Serious laugh a minute stuff and the birthday boy felt so special....Ruthchookpartybanner4

 All the children absolutely loved it!!!....Nicky

While we run the fun you only need to keep the children refreshed with drinks and nibbles

Other than that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party with your family and friends

This party can be held in your yard; an indoor venue or a local park.


The more space the kids have the more fun they will have. Our best parties are held in parks


The minimum yard space needed for approx 20 small kids is 10m wide x 15m long


If the party is for 5-7yo's they should not have access to outdoor play equipment during the games.


For advice on a suitable indoor venue see "Plan B" on our FAQ page (at the bottom)


Ready to book your Crazy Chook Party?

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Enjoy this awesome foot tapping Crazy Chook Party video. If an IPad user click here to watch it on YouTube