Can we come to your party?


This page is updated regularly; usually daily. It is as accurate as can be but not perfect.


If the date box is blank we have no bookings for that day yet.


A yellow shaded box indicates existing bookings and availability remaining for that date.


We can start activities at 10am or earlier OR at 3pm or later.


If you want to avoid the summer heat we are happy to start as early as 9am or as late as 4pm.


12-30pm bookings are 40 or 70 minutes long only. They are very popular in the cooler months


It depends where our morning and afternoon bookings are as to whether we can help at 12-30pm.


We start activities 30 minutes after your party invitation time to ensure all guests have arrived


We're very flexible with an after school party start time and will work in with your plans


SAVE 10% with an after school party on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday


Check our Availability.