3 Fun Incursion Activities

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GUARANTEED FUN - If it's not fun....it's FREE!

OPTION 1 - Monster Ball Fun (for a pdf flyer click here)


OPTION 2 - Sports Action Fun (for a pdf flyer click here)

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OPTION 3 - Crazy Chicken Guy Fun (for a pdf flyer click here)

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Information about our sessions

Only one person runs the program so we do not take all the children in one go. Here is how it works: 

As an example for a centre with approx 36 children it will be a 2 session booking. Each session is for 40 minutes with approx 18 children of roughly the same age.

This system allows us to better interact with each child and make sure their activities are age appropriate

Usually the youngest group is first. Their activities are kept simple. The next session is for the "bigger kids". Being more coordinated and competitive their activities are more challenging

We’re very flexible plus happy n willing to mix the activities to suit you.E.g. Wacky “chook games” for preps/grade 1’s; Sports action fun for slightly older children and Monster Ball activities for the biggest children.Run your own ideas past us if you want. Together we can work something out.

We have successfully run these sessions in many centres with the numbers as low as 20 to well over 100. 

Carers can join in the fun anytime. But remember if you're bested by the kids there is no place to hide!


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We visit centres in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands Bay, Moreton Bay, Logan & Gold Coast.

Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba visits possible if we visit 2 centres on the same day or it is a minimum 4 session booking. So get busy and get something going with other centres!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explain your guarantee? If the majority of your kids did not think the activities were fun then it is free. We do not make it ALL the kids as you can never please every child

How much does it cost? You will find cost details plus other information on each pdf flyer where it says "click here" .

How do we pay? We hand you an invoice on the day and you can pay then or process it later.

What time do you start? We will work in with you. Most have us start after morning tea; some after lunch

How much room do you need? Our activities are best enjoyed on grass such as a sports field. A 50m long x 20m wide area is the ideal but we have worked with less.

Can you set up on concrete? Yes we can. We modify activities slightly for the children's safety.

What if it is wet or very hot? We can run the activities in an undercover area or hall.

Do the children need special clothing? Enclosed shoes suitable for kicking and running plus a sun hat.

Do you have a Blue Card and Liability Insurance Cover? Yes