Hi. My name is John Shaw and I am the brains behind the Crazy Party brand.

Crazy Party provides active outdoor fun for kids parties plus an indoor interactive show

There's no "stock standard" activities at a Crazy Party. Everything has a funny, silly twist kids thrive on.

Crazy Party fun stems from my creativity and wacky sense of humour.

I never need to rip off other peoples ideas or copy something from overseas.

Though I was creative as a kid it was suppressed during a 20 year banking stint.

Two years after resigning my creative "spark" returned.

Initially I created a basketball machine with 4 multi height hoops anyone could slam dunk on.

If you ever went to the Bribane Bullets games at Boondall you may remember this machine in the courtyard

Then a netball machine with 24 multi height rings.

Its first appearence was for a Netball Australia promotion at the Sydney Opera House.

The client was a bit miffed as that machine received more media publicity than the players.

Then in Jun 1999 I had the idea of using a sports speed radar gun for fun purposes

In late 2003 I was at a soccer carnival with a speed booth where kids could find out how they can kick.

A soccer mum asked if I could run some sport speed fun activities for her son's 8th birthday party.

The party was such a big hit with the children and parents I decided to focus on kids parties

What began as a "boy thing" party has evolved enormously.

Activity choices have grown from 8 at that first party to now well over 100.

The speed activities which were the core of every party are now minimal; many times not at all.

Activities are now also suitable for girls parties, mixed parties or Vacation Care

In May 2010 two new party formats were added - the Crazy Games Party and the Crazy Chook Party.

To reflect such changes the business name of Aussie Sports Party was dropped in favour of Crazy Party

We are now Brisbane's leader in active party fun. A niche we actually created

Hopefully in the near future I can also help put a smile on your child's "dial" with some Crazy Party antics

Have a nice day.


P.S. If interested click here to see another of my creative "sparks" - Sgt Shono Merci; The Speed Cop  


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